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“After a decade of being self-employed I attempted to reenter the corporate work environment and struggled in the interviewing process. Katrina helped me realize some of the unique challenges and questions I was facing, and was instrumental in helping me derive an interviewing strategy that landed me an excellent position. Her insight into interview preparation, getting into the mind of the interviewer, company research, and avoiding interview landmines was exceptionally relevant and useful. In addition, her insights into finding out information about a company was helpful for both preparing for my interviews, but also in avoiding companies I knew would not be a good fit. Lastly one of the best tips I got was in preparing my resume. I was using the old school method of giving a “resume dump” of all life’s accomplishments and learned this is not the best way to attract companies. I heartily give Katrina my recommendation as her insights, knowledge and passion for the subject can help anyone at any point on their career path.”
– P.Henry, Finance & Project Management

“Katrina and I have known each other and worked together for several years. She has a keen sense for identifying strengths and talents in people. Katrina also has a delightful personality which has made it easy for people to connect with her from various industries and backgrounds. Katrina is definitely the type of person you want. Over the years I have found her consultations useful and extremely valuable. I highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for career and/or educational guidance.”
– S.Maxwell, Consulting

“I met Katrina at work. She is a diligent and hardworking person who always makes herself available to help people out. From my personal experience, I am currently applying for a Master’s in Business Administration so I reached out to Katrina for some guidance. Katrina not only helped me polish my statement of purpose but she also gave me valuable advice regarding business schools and the application process. I would highly recommend Katrina as a career coach to professionals ready to move up in their career path either by getting a new job or by pursuing an advanced degree. Katrina will help you get as far as you want hassle free.”
– H.Aguilar, Engineering

“Katrina Munzer is an excellent career coach. For the past 3 years I have gone to her for advice and support regarding my resume and growth opportunity in the company. There was never a moment that she had let me down. She gave me ideas and connected me with the right people. She would go out of her way to help me with my professional problems, and gave me the feedback that I needed during a mock interview. There was never a moment I did not find Katrina helpful. I would highly recommend Katrina to work with other people as a career coach. Her professionalism, kindness, and her eagerness to help others make her an excellent career coach. I would not know what to do without her.”
– L.Wong, Scientist

“Katrina is such a great person and gives the best career advice. I learned so much from Katrina about the HR world . I consider myself blessed for getting that type of time in with her!”
– J.Pan, Marketing

“Katrina completely changed my resume. I felt very good about my own achievements because of the way she presented it. She helped me to prepare myself for interviews. I submitted that resume to two companies and I got offers from both. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by ProCareerCoaching.”
– C.Ratnayake, Management

“I had my resume reviewed by Katrina at ProCareerCoaching and I am very glad I did. Katrina reviewed, critiqued, and by asking important questions she helped and guided me through the process of building a great resume. She did an amazing job by bringing my resume to the next level. Within 1 week of posting my new resume at a major career networking site, I had three different phone calls from recruiters all from heavy weight companies in my professional field. I am very happy with the services provided by ProCareerCoaching.”
– M.Santos, Scientist