Career Coaching

One-on-one coaching session on any topic you wish to discuss related to your career. Find out more!

Resume Development

Take your resume to the next level, beyond that of tasks to significant action oriented contributions, resulting in an increase of positive feedback from corporate recruiters. Find out more!

Cover Letter Development

Set yourself above the rest with a cover letter that provides a story about your unique fit with that dream job and company. Find out more!

Interview Skills Development

One-on-one coaching to provide feedback on current interviewing impression and how to fit the role of an “ideal candidate”.  Discuss how to answer the “hard” questions (e.g. role playing, giving examples of past scenarios, salary, gaps in your resume, etc) during an interview. Find out more!

College Applications (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Assistance with preparing your college application(s) – includes assistance with essays, resume, admission interview, and any other requirements of the specific university’s application process.

Pricing of Services

Please contact me at or 949-287-3031 to determine your needs and discuss pricing.