Cover Letter Development

You email me the job description for the position you would like me to develop a cover letter for, as well as a copy of your resume*.

After I receive the job description and your resume, I will respond with some questions for you to answer. The questions will be easy for you to answer because the answers will be based on your reason for looking for a new job and your overall career desires.

In the first revision I will take a little liberty to craft a story as to why you are in the job market. I will also make sure key qualifications and skill sets listed in the job description are addressed in the cover letter.

After you receive the first revision, you will respond back to me with any questions or comments, as well as things you want changed in the cover letter.

I take your feedback to finalize the cover letter and respond back with the second (and final) revision, which you will receive in a word .doc file format.

The entire process is conducted through email, which enables you to answer the questions asked at your leisure. The time it takes for me to develop the cover letter depends on the timeliness of your response to my questions. The average time frame for past clients is 3 or 4 days.

* If I am developing your resume, I will write the cover letter after the resume is complete. This enables me to have the best understanding possible of your background prior to writing.


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