Interview Skills Development

Developing interview skills is done through a mock interview, which takes place during a one-hour phone call. At least one day prior to the agreed upon phone call time, you will email me a job description that you are interested in or potentially even have an interview scheduled for.

I will create a series of behavior-based questions, which will be very similar to the types of questions you would be asked during a real interview.

We will act as if this is a genuine interview where I ask questions and you provide a response. I will type an abbreviated version of your responses while we talk. After all questions have been asked, I will go back through each question giving my feedback on what went well and what could be improved.

Within one business day of the phone call being completed, I will email you a word document that contains the questions I asked, your responses, as well as my feedback. Most clients find it helpful to review this document prior to going in for an interview.


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