Resume Development

You email me the current version of your resume, along with 2 to 5 job descriptions of positions that you have applied to or would be interested in applying to. This gives me a better understanding of the type of position you are looking to target during the job search. It also enables me to make sure that the resume I develop for you shows…

  • you meet the required qualifications
  • you meet as many of the preferred qualifications
  • that key words and phrases common in all the job descriptions are utilized

Based on the resume and job descriptions you send to me, I develop questions for you to answer for the first revision. The questions are easy for you to answer because it is all based on your background and experiences.

After I receive your responses and develop the resume further, I send a second revision with follow up questions that I need answered.

When the final responses are received, I am able to send you a third (and final) revision that is an action oriented resume with a format where recruiters can easily find the information they are seeking.

The entire process is conducted through email, which enables you to answer the questions asked at your leisure. The time it takes for me to develop the resume depends on the timeliness of your response to my questions. The average time frame for past clients is a little over one week.

You will receive the third (and final) revision in two file formats – word .doc and adobe .pdf.


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